Radio presenter and content producer from South London. A passion for the real and the unreal keeps Lorenza on her feet!!!

Crazy yet confident, driven yet bubbly - Lorenza has a love for the urban scene and finding innovative ways to create radio entertainment.

Permalink Worst dessert ever. Everyone else had icecream and yummy tart….i get this weird flavoured jelly! #unfair
Permalink Surely they know the irony? If they are asking “are you on twitter?” Then only the ones on #twitter will respond?? Think we should all reply “no don’t even have an account @spirit_fm” #silly #radioconvo #twittertopic
Permalink Join us in #hove and #brighton today for our event. We have over 100 jobs to give to special people in #sussex over the next year. Would you love a rewarding change? 12.30pm st patricks church hove
Permalink Finally the ring fits and isn’t dropping off me. Love my tanzanite :) damn #weightloss nearly made me lose this ring lol!
Permalink Found an old pic of me aged 15….hoping i don’t look like this anymore #fashiondisaster
Permalink Octopus #bush
Permalink Please text this and you’ll be donating to cancer research due to my efforts with January’s dryathlon xx
Permalink New pearly nails thanks Eloise
Permalink The Only Way is Slimming World
Permalink Do we have enough food? #newyear
Permalink New sparkle nails thanks Eloise
Permalink Peekaboo I see……
Permalink Ready for Xmas! Thanks Kurt Geiger
Permalink Who’s going to save us? Lol. What will you do on the last ever day on earth? Me??? #sleep
Permalink Don’t scrub up toooo badly!?!?